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Celebrating 11 Years of Service and Over 170 Clients Served.
Welcome to Change & Response Strategies, LLC


Change & Response Strategies (C&RS) provides organization development consulting, customized training and coaching to private, public and nonprofit organizations.

C&RS helps organizations meet and exceed their strategic objectives, increase their effectiveness and efficiency, market share and reinforce their competitive advantage.

Your mission is our mission.


Change & Response Strategies LLC, C&RS, was founded in 2004 as a consortium of organization development specialists who focus in areas such as strategic planning, reorganization, growth management, leadership and management development, lean six sigma implementation, project management, human resources consulting, marketing, sales, customized training and coaching.

Change & Response Strategies works across all industries to include nonprofit, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance, technology, academic, state and municipal.

Regardless of an organization's size, mission or stage in its lifecycle, C&RS, helps organizations meet the ever-increasing challenge to be more effective, efficient, agile, innovative and resilient.

For organizations that are trying to determine their "ideal size", we also provide temporary transition and critical function support services as an alternative to hiring full-time or part-time staff until they are ready to re-staff.


Using a systematic and collaborative approach, C&RS's qualified consultants, trainers and Change Facilitators™
will work closely with your employees on-site and/or remotely to bridge the common gaps between identifying, implementing and sustaining any staff development, change, improvement, and/or innovation initiatives.

Our start-to-finish model facilitates and streamlines organization-wide assimilation of new/revised best practices so your objectives are met on time and within budget with minimal delays, false-starts, inefficiency and/or resistance.


It is paramount to Change & Response Strategies, LLC that your best interests come first and that all consultancy, training and coaching solutions are collaboratively designed, customized and cost-effective. C&RS upholds the importance of building trust, maintaining confidentiality and developing strong and synergistic partnerships.